Wallet That Keeps You Safe!

Keep your vaccination documents safely secured and easy to access.

How It Works

Restoring access means restoring confidence—confidence of people and of institutions who have an obligation to protect the health of their citizens.

  • Submit Vaccine Records
  • Submit Covid Test Results
  • Get your Vaccine Status retrievable just with a simple Camera Scan
  • Associate a user to an Organization/School, and assign a designated approver
  • Data is stored safely using encryption-decryption
  • A completely customizable solution that can be changed as required.
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Health Wallet Features

Health Wallet is designed to be fully customizable to be used in multiple sectors as needed.

  • 01 Display Vaccinations

    Health Wallet allows users to add their Vaccine Confirmation Document that is provided by institution.

  • An Approver that is assigned would then be able to Validate the Vaccination Document.

  • Users can also add their Covid-19 Test Results and keep a history of test results along with a date/time stamp.

  • QR code when scanned will display Vaccination Records and Test Results.

  • This QR code is customizable to be public as well as only to be used by Facedrive's QR Scanner App.